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A seeker, of truth and beauty, of strange and charm, of adventure and quiet places.

I am fascinated by the workings of our minds, and in applying what understanding we have to our lives. This fascination extends to both cognitive science and personal introspection and I’ll often inform the latter with the former (and make up theories about the former from the latter).

In practicing seeing people as people more than members of genders, I tend to use they-series pronouns for everyone unless I know someone prefers something else. I would be delighted if you extend the same practice to me.

I prefer living to dying, increasing autonomy to increasing happiness, describing friendships to defining them, revealing wants to implying or asking, and receiving truth to receiving kindness.

I write code sometimes.

You may find me around the web under the name of imuli, or sometimes with a dash, imu-li. Often there’ll be other identifying snippets, sometimes not (and occasionally it won’t be me). Imuli means of the lowest in Latin, and family in Ndebele. I derived it from this domain name, which was for a forgotten project named st.imu.li… Yet I’m pleased, for it speaks to the Way.


email i@imu.li
sms +1 207 370 9073
person 45°N 69°W (±0.5°)