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I Bought a Car

… a few days ago, an electric smart.

I’ve been dodging and delaying this for a long time. So when I moved, and borrowing a car isn’t just a matter of thinking ahead, it became obvious that it was time. It helps that it is electric, and that it is tiny.

Of course, the first thing I do is take apart the charger, to see if I can’t get it to pass 240v and charge twice as fast. The AC-DC power supply can handle 240 just fine, as can the relays and AC circuitry! Turns out that it faults at the drop of a hat.

I’m not sure if it has overvoltage detection (and is programmed for the US), or if it didn’t like the extension cord, or something else entirely. It didn’t like charging (running was fine) on straight 240v, it didn’t like me bypassing the neutral relay, hardwiring the red across, I didn’t like the idea of bypassing both legs, and always having 240v on the connector tip.

So I put it back together with a 120v plug and a somewhat longer cord.

It worked, more or less, on the correct outlet, until tonight. Windy and raining, the power quality can’t be perfect, a few flickers. No luck getting it to charge for more than two seconds.

Eventually I just bypassed both legs, running a seperate power cable for AC Line 1 and 2. This “charger” is now an aggrandized 1kHz 16% (or 25%) square wave generator.